Tuition & Financial Aid


One longtime parent of our school remembers her initial concern about the financial cost of private education and recalls her mother’s response, “It pays much more than it costs!” Years later, this parent realized the truth in that statement as she watched her son receive the President’s Academic Award at his graduation. While there is clearly a financial cost associated with our school, the spiritual, academic and social benefits outweigh the cost by far.

Also, as a ministry of Church of the Redeemer, we are committed to enrolling deserving students, even if finances present a challenge. As a result, our tuition rates are “fair in the extreme” compared to other schools in our area. To take the first step in the financial aid process, schedule an educational success consultation with the principal. Come in and learn all about us today!



Church of the Redeemer Christian School uses the services of the FACTS Management Company to handle our tuition accounting. For information about FACTS, including security, fees, FAQ's, and the peace of mind benefit, please view the FACTS Brochure. For details on the capabilities of the FACTS payment system, instructions on how to set up a tuition agreement, and directions on using the FACTS consumer portal to manage your agreement, please read the FACTS Overview. If you wish to create a new agreement or manage an existing one, view FACTS' online Payment Processing System.

Please take time to view the following:

FACTS Brochure

FACTS Overview

Set up or access Payment Processing System